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Recruitment agency specializing in business development & consulting


Recruiting Sales reps
Sales managers
Marketing personnel


Sales and marketing functions

Our Team :

Working from five strategic points in France (Paris, Nantes, La Rochelle, Toulouse and Lyon), all our consultants are specialists in the field of sales. They have a strong record of success, having recruited more than 2000 candidates.
Each of our clients has their own IMPACTUP consultant, dedicated to their needs.

How We Work :

We take responsibility for all, or part of, the recruitment of your sales teams (directors, operations managers or sales managers).
We select candidates using a defined methodology combining head-hunting and classic recruitment advertising methods.
Each assignment has 7 key stages

  1. Working with the client to define their needs – Job Position, Objectives, Tasks, Candidate Profile, Education, Experience, Personality, Terms of Employment.
  2. Drafting key documents – Job Description, Offer of Employment.
  3. Candidate Search – Publishing the job offer on our website, Directly approaching possible candidates (head-hunting), Publishing recruitment ads in the relevant media selected by our client.
  4. Pre-selection – Analysing and selecting CVs based on agreed, defined criteria + telephone interviews.
  5. Candidate selection – Face-to-face interviews with our recruitment consultants + recruitment tests + following-up of references.
  6. Shortlisting – Presenting the client with a candidate shortlist along with all relevant paperwork and our recommendations.
  7. Liaison with the candidate until the final stage of recruitment.

In accordance with The Diversity Charter IMPACTUP ensures that anti-discrimination criteria are used throughout each of these stages to guarantee equality for each candidate.

What type of assignments do we typically handle?

Managers : Sales Directors, Regional Directors, Sales Managers, Office Managers, Store Directors, Franchise Directors, Indirect Sales Managers, Sales Development Managers, Profit Centre Managers.
Field Sales Staff : Sales Engineers, Sales Reps, B to C Sales Staff, Area Sales Managers, Sales Managers, Technical Sales Staff.
Office-based Sales Staff : Customer Advisors, Sales Advisors, Sales Administrators.
Marketing : Operational Marketing Managers, Consultant Directors (agency-based), Account Directors (agency-based), Account Managers, Project Managers.