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Recruitment agency specializing in business development & consulting


Recruiting Sales reps
Sales managers
Marketing personnel

Business Development Consultancy

Our Process

We act as an outsourced sales management department. We deal with all preliminary work (such as sales strategies and recruitment) as well as the on-going operations (mailshots, putting in place CRM, salary schemes, training and incentive programmes).

As part of our pricing system we always include a performance-related percentage.

Our Specialist Domain is Business Development

We operate in 4 key areas:

  • Business Strategy: Potential Analysis, SWOT, Business Plan, Mailshots, Defining Key Objectives, Business Action Plans
  • Business Organisational Structure: Plans for Recruitment, Training and Integration of Sales Employees, Researching Potential Business Partners and/or Distributors
  • Sales Motivation Programmes:
    • Salary Schemes
    • Seminars and Incentive Programmes
    • Team Building
  • Business Development Tools
    • Defining Performance Indicators
    • Setting up CRM
    • Behaviour Analysis Assessment (DISC)
    • Employee Performance Assessment