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Recruitment agency specializing in business development & consulting


Recruiting Sales reps
Sales managers
Marketing personnel

About us

We’re a close-knit company made up of specialist consultants recruiting into the areas in which they previously worked.
As specialists in the field of sales and marketing, since 2005 we have been working not only with household names but also both small and medium-sized businesses, helping them recruite the ideal candidate.

Our mission: To find the perfect candidate who will ensure the development of our clients’ business.
Our approach: To work hand-in-hand with you… To provide practical solutions… To produce results…
Our offices: Paris, Nantes, La Rochelle, Toulouse, Lyon and Lille… we provide a quality service nationwide.

In 2012 we created a partnership with the German recruitment agency ‘Market Mission’. This enables to us to offer our international clients solutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This partnership has firmly established Impactup at the heart of European specialist recruitment.


About the Associates

With 20 years experience in recruitment and the management of sales and marketing teams, in 2005 Pascal Larue decided to create his own recruitment and process outsourcing agency.
In 2007 the agency became Impactup (registered trade name no. 3362694) specialising in two distinct areas:

  • Recruitment
  • Consultancy in Business Development & Organisation


In 2013 Emmanuel Laquerrière, a retail expert in France with 15 years experience as a director of international businesses, joined Impactup as an Associate.


Today, Impactup is further developing its business activities with a solid team of consultants and researchers.

The agency has become one of the leading specialists in France in both the sales sector (sales reps, sales managers, area sales managers, regional directors, sales directors etc.) and in the field of marketing. We operate from offices in Paris, Nantes, La Rochelle, Toulouse, Lyon and Lille.


Our philosophy is based upon three principles:

  • Providing practical solutions: At Impactup we have ALL previously worked in sales and marketing. Each team member is responsible for recruiting into their own specialist field.
  • Working hand-in-hand with our clients: Because we are a close-knit company we are able to provide personalised solutions to each of our clients and to offer long-term support. Whether household names or small or medium-sized businesses, these clients also become our partners. This close working relationship also extends to our candidates with whom we keep regular, proactive, contact.
  • Producing results: Our primary goal is ensuring we find the BEST candidate for our clients. We are constantly focussed on this objective whilst deploying our already-high standards of talent sourcing and assessment.


We intend to continue our business development, building on our existing cornerstones. These cornerstones are the guarantee of ensuring healthy and long-lasting relationships.


Our recruiting first-rate sales reps, excellent marketing personnel and outstanding managers is crucial to all companies, whatever their size and whichever domain they operate in.


Our methods of recruitment and selection allow us to speed up the recruitment process and to limit any risks for our clients.


Our resolute belief that staying abreast of what is happening in the world of recruitment and best practice ensures we continually invest in efficient methods and systems to provide our clients with prompt, effective solutions.


Our very own assessment platform is available to all our clients.